How we work

We flexibly consult on all types of projects, from designing one room, to whole houses, or acting as a sounding board for those who want to manage their own renovation.

We take on a small number of projects that are a good fit for the studio, so that we can really get to know our client’s and understand how they live and what they need from their home.

It is important for us to grasp their personal style, interests and the architecture of their home before embarking on a collaborative journey.


1. Direction

Our design service is individually tailored to each project and starts with a consultation.

After establishing the scope of the job, we will work at the convenience of the client, in person, via phone, virtually, by email and/or site visits.

2. Design

The brief is carefully interpreted and researched to find creative solutions for the house and design a holistic scheme that represents the clients needs and style.  This is then presented to the client covering all design detailing for discussion.

Spatial planning

Review of architectural plans, furniture layout, electrical planning


The look and feel of the space

Sample boards

Paint, wallpaper & fabrics (digital & tangible)


Furniture, antiques, soft furnishings, curtains, accessories


Joinery, ironmongery, bathrooms


Lighting, sound, electrical equipment etc

3. Installation

Pulling all the elements of the project together, overseeing installation to the highest standards and styling the final look.


Our fee structure is clear and transparent, this is discussed and agreed in the first consultation meeting. It is our priority to provide an informed and non biased service. Design consultancy is charged by the hour and initial consultations are complimentary.